Human Resource Management System (HRM) software enables users to efficiently manage, automate, and streamline HR-related tasks such as PIM, Leave, Time .



CIT HRM system is a comprehensive Human Resource Management (HRM) System that captures all the essential functionalities required for a organization. CIT HRM has an array of modules that cater to all your HR needs throughout the employee life cycle. CIT HRM have the following features:

• Admin module.

• Personal information module.

• Leave module.

• Time module.

• Reports module.

Admin module

The Admin Module is the backbone of the system and setting it up accurately is important for smooth operation. The Admin Module provides you with full control of all settings that affect the action of your CIT HRM implementation. Through the Admin Module, you can:

• Define the Company Hierarchy, Projects, Customers, Qualifications etc.

• Add other administrators and set access levels for each user.

• Data importing and exporting.

• Adding custom fields.


This module maintains all relevant employee related information. All information about an employee can be entered here. Information captured in this module is utilized by all other modules, thus eliminating data redundancy. The PIM Module will be available to the admin with full control and supervisors with restricted access showing his subordinates.



The Leave Module automates the HR administrative tasks of recording leave and controlling these against leave policies defined in the HR system. The module provides flexibility in allowing you to define various types of Leave, including Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Travel leave etc. The Leave Module can send notifications to their leads and allows you to record, track leave and view leave history. The web-enabled and self-service concepts significantly streamline all leave related procedures, eliminate paperwork, and saves costs.

• Leave period

• Leave types

• Holidays

• work week.​

• Leave list

• Leave entitlements


Business-critical operations require reliable tracking and control to maximize profits and reduce operational costs. A time management tool is one of the vital employee work time management features that make the entire difference between successful HR-Management and a weak one. The Time module automates the time tracking process. While allowing the employee to define and submit their time sheets the leads can approve/reject or even modify them. The employee will enter the punch in/out time hence allowing attendance monitoring. The Time module can track time spent on specific projects while project managers can define projects.


Easy to use standalone reports can be generated to meet your needs. While the number of reports is unlimited definitions can be saved to avoid duplication. Using various logical data combinations, you can create reports to suit the purpose. Three type of report can be generated - Leave Entitlement and Usage report , Project reports and Employee Reports

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