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FRAME-DIAS 6 is a motion analysis system that has been installed by more than 1,100 users in Japan. It is a system that uses both manual and automatic, and supports motion analysis in a wide range of fields. The most attractive features are the powerful digitizing method refined by demanding sports analysis and the abundant analysis menu. It also supports analysis using 4K video.

New features in Frame-DIAS 6

AI digitizing function

A dedicated marker and a PC for AI calculation (both sold separately) are used. AI automatically identifies the joint points on the image and acquires the coordinates. 4K video (4096 x 2160 pxl resolution video) can also be used for AI digitization.

3D CC method
major new features

With this method, 3D analysis can be performed by calibrating with a minimum of 3 calibration points. Conventional 3D DLT requires 6 or more calibration points.There is no problem with the calibration points even if they are arranged flat, so you can use the lines of the stadium or court. Eliminates the need to enter the measurement space for calibration work when shooting at competitions.

Automatic extraction of synchronization points

By enabling the setting, the software will automatically detect the flash timing of the synchronizer.

Supports 4K video and speeds up video processing

With the video cache function, you can comfortably analyze video even with 4K video. The movie file formats that support the video cache function are MOV and MP4. AVI does not support this function.


major new features
● Supports various environments such as games, indoors and outdoors
● Two-dimensional data can be acquired with one camera, and three-dimensional data can be acquired with two or more cameras (Up to 8 units)
● Compatible with various video cameras - consumer cameras to high-speed cameras, 4K resolution images, various media such as mini DV tapes and video files
● Reflection Automatic and Manual tracking digitization is possible with markers and color markers
● Digitization processing of high-resolution images with the video cache function Comfortably
Digitize calibration
major new features
● Supports all 2D and 3D analysis methods with abundant calibration methods  (2D 4-point real length conversion / 2D, 3D DLT / each panning, 3D CC total 7 types)
● Easy-to-understand calibration Screen
● The 3D CC method enables digitizing and analysis even in environments where calibration is not possible, such as in competitions.
● Supports digitizing with abundant auxiliary functions.
major new features
● Stick picture display
● Abundant analysis functions (displacement system, relative position, point and plane, angle system, Euler angle, line and plane, mass system, joint torque).
● SKinematic analysis based on marker coordinates.
● Calculation of center of gravity, virtual Calculate points.
● Import motion capture data (C3D file) and floor reaction force for kinetic analysis  (separate floor reaction force measurement system is required).
● Digitize coordinates, 2D coordinates, 3D coordinates are output as text.
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