MultiJump Tester Ⅱ


MULTIJUMP TESTERⅡ is a jump measurement and athletic ablity evaluation system. It can be used with a measurement program (Ver.2.0 or later) that supports wireless. (Bluetooth connection). Based on the ON / OFF information of the MAT SWITCH, improvement of operations that require spring ability are provided. Immediate calculation of data necessary for guidance on site. Simple system that can be easily connected to a computer with a single USB cable. Supported Jump types are Vertical jump / Drop jump / Continuous rebound jump / Hurdle jump. Calculation items: Jump height / contact time / flight time / jump index (RJ index, etc.) that is an index of spring ability can be calculated. Not only jump but also direction Footwork test to see the quickness of conversion and measurement of the number of stepping to see the agility are also possible. We also accept modifications to output the mat switch signal as a TTL signal to the AD converter in a separate estimate.

Major new features

major new features

Start mode that can be selected according to the situation and application. The [Simple Mode], which can be easily used at measurement sites, allows immediate feedback to the subject by using the optional receipt printer (Bluetooth connection). In the [Normal mode], which has the same operability as the previous multi-jump tester, a new "file management function (file manager)" and "comparison function" have been added, making continuous measurement and detailed analysis easier.

major new feature image

Output Example

major new features

Vertical/Drop jump measurement

・Jump height


・Maximum jump

・Ground contact time, flight time

Hurdle jump measurement

・Jump height and average jump height of each jump

・Power and average power

Stepping measurement

・Measurement time

・Number of steps of mat switch 1 and 2

Continuous rebound jump measurement

・Jump height and average jump height of each jump

・Each power and average power

・Maximum jump height in one attempt

・Ground contact time, flight time

Footwork measurement

・Speed ​​and average speed of each section

・Maximum speed of each section

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