ND-YTSCAM screen

ND-YTSCAM is better solution for youtube comments scams. We identify the spam comments, promotional messages, negative comments on your YouTube channel videos and delete it. ND-YTSCAM uses YouTube Data API V3 for managing YouTube videos and comments. All users are authenticated by Google Oauth2. Complete features and Subscription plans details, check our product site.


Spam comments on YouTube are really a headache of the channel owners. They have a 100's of spam messages and promotion messages, which is difficult for the owners to go through the message and delete all the spam messages. Even though YouTube has its own logic to filter the spam, it filters only 10% of the comments.


ND-YTSCAM identifies the spam and negative comments on the YouTube channel and delete it. It uses a special algorithm to list out the spam comments on the videos. It also uses sentiment analysis to filter the messages. It allows users to declare your own set of words which he considers to be negative or spam.

ND-YTSCAM screen


● Customers can easily can login with their google account.
● Customers can use their multiple channels to find spam comments in your YouTube videos.
● ND-YTSCAM using Sentiment Analysis to find spam comments in the videos.
● Customer can declare his own set of words which he considers to be negative or spam.
● Customer can delete multiple comments from ND-YTSCAM.

Sentiment Analysis to Find Spam Comments

● ND-YTSCAM Sentiment Analyzer is a lexicon and rule-based sentiment analysis tool that is used to understand sentiments in a sentence using VADER (Valence Aware Dictionary and sentiment Reasoner).
● It will analyze words and Emoji’s while filtering the comments.
● Sentiment Analysis is a procedure used to determine if a chunk of text is positive, negative or neutral. In text analytics, natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) techniques are combined to assign sentiment scores to the topics, categories or entities within a phrase.

Define Own Spam Words

● User can create his own spam words list. Which can be considered as Spams.
● If any one of the created custom word present in a comment, that will be considered as spam.
● Based on the subscription plan user can add more words.
● Some negative comments may have suggestion for YouTube channel owners. So ND-YTSCAM gives one feature to list such words those are not to be spammed.
● Based on the subscription plan user can add more words.

Intrested in ND-YT SCAM?

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